A downloadable YAC for Android

Your Annoying Alarm Clock is an alarm clock using pictures taken from the user to set up alarms that will force you to wake up from bed. In particular, in order to be able to dismiss the alarm, the user will have to align the picture with the previously taken picture of the same object. A maximum number of attempts is considered in order to dismiss the alarm if the user cannot manage to dismiss the alarm by aligning the image in the background with the current image in the camera. YAC is for free, but it contains Ads.

YAC uses OpenCV 3.0, and is targeted for ARM phones.

Install instructions

Download the APK and install it in your phone, your phone has to have a ARM based processor. The creation of the alarms is rather simple, you click on the + symbol up on the right and then you will be able to simply specify the time at which you want the alarm to be set and you will be able to take a picture of the object to match in order to be able to dismiss the alarm.


app-arm-release.apk 9 MB

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